4 things you NEED to know about Dancercises new scholarship!!

By 5th October 2020 No Comments

What is a Dancercise scholarship I hear you asking?


Well let me just tell you..


We have given Dancercise an upgrade so that we can keep it alive and keep you dancing!

We explored multiple different ways to keep the same amazing classes that allow you and everyone to dance at an affordable rate… no easy task but we made it!

But enough about HOW we done it.. you want to know WHAT it is.

So let me tell you the 5 things you NEED to know about the new Dancercise Scholarship:

1. Dancercise now pays up to 50% of your class!!


Dancercise always has been and always will be about bringing top-class dance to the nation and with this scholarship we can subsidize some of our classes to make them accessible to everyone – no easy task for any business or community interest company (CIC) to complete…

But through all the adversity we have found out a way to best suit our dancers and the CIC…

The prices had to be raised to £5.00/hour in order for us to cover our costs of our fantastic purpose-built studios… but to keep dancercise true to its core values, Dancercise can now pay up to 50% of all Dancercise classes through fundraising, sponsorships and grant funding!

This means you still get incredible classes where you can have fun and learn to dance with your friends in a positive environment!


2. Never stop dancing!!


All classes will now be run all year rather than just through term times, so you never need to stop dancing!

This means that throughout each holiday you can continue to dance and have fun improving your skills and seeing your friends!


And as if that’s not good enough…we have taken away the big lump sum payments too!


With the dancercise scholarship, payments are now an easily affordable, fixed monthly payment set up on direct debit, so you no longer need to worry about dealing with cash or getting payments in on time!


3. Worrying about class availability is a thing of the past!


Great classes like these fill up quickly and we don’t want you to worry about if you are going to get a space in each week’s class or not…

So with our new monthly subscription system, for as long as your subscription is running, your space is permanently available.

4. Leave any time you want


There is no joining fee and no contract! You are free to leave whenever you want with our flexible subscription ?

The Dancercise Scholarship along with our new timetable launches this Monday the 5th of October! Here is a sneak peek at the scholarship timetable:

Head to our website here to buy your scholarship while they last!

P.S. All classes are limited to the amount of spaces available to make sure each dancer gets the most progression and value for money out of their chosen classes.

P.S.S If the class you want is sold out don’t worry! Just join the waiting list and we will notify you when a space becomes available for you to join in on the fun!


See you soon!