Membership T&C’s

Principal Terms

1. LCDC Monthly Memberships are offered at the listed price for your class and charged per month with payment being charged to your credit card or debit card on a recurring monthly basis from the sign-up date.
2. Your membership will begin the date of your first payment and can be used at the next available class.
3. No contract, no joining fee! You are free to leave and join at any time with our flexible memberships.
4. LCDC reserves the right to amend these T&C’s at any time.

Fees & Charges

1. There is no joining fee or administration fee.
2. Each payment made is non-refundable under any circumstance.
3. If you cancel your membership, access to your class will cease after 28 days from your last payment.
4. Your membership price has been set to go all year round but if you have Joined LCDC from the start of a year (1st of January) this means that you have only paid for 50 weeks of the year out of the 52. This was added in to make sure that if you went on holiday for two weeks or had to miss two weeks for whatever reason your membership was not costing you anything. DISCLAIMER THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE CHEAPER ONE MONTH THE MEMBERSHIP PRICE HAS BEEN SET WITH THIS IN MIND.


1. To cancel your membership, sign in to your Team Up account – there you will find the option to cancel your membership.